4:377 Arty 101st Airborne Div 1a

4:377 Arty 101st Airborne Div 1b

V.1- 4/377 Artillery, 101st Airborne Division- Patch is in excellent condition. $65. SOLD


V.2- In-Country Made CIB- $40.

Subdued 175th Outlaws Patch 1aSubdued 175th Outlaws Patch 1b

V.3- Subdued 175th Aviation Company “Outlaws” Patch- $75.

18th SOS "Stinger" 1a18th SOS "Stinger" 1b

V.4- 18th Special Operations Squadron “Beer Can” Insignia- $35. SOLD

235th AER Wpns Co. 1a235th AER Wpns Co. 1b

V.5- 235th Aerial Weapons Company “Delta Devils” Patch- $65.

73rd Avn Co. 1a73rd Avn Co. 1b

V.6- 73rd Aviation Company Patch- Patch has been removed from uniform. $50.

1st Brigade, 101st Airborne 1a1st Brigade, 101st Airborne 1b

V.7- 1st Brigade, “Deadbone” 101st Airborne Division Patch- $55.

3rd Squadron 5th Cav Division Recon 1a3rd Squadron 5th Cav Division Recon 1b

V.8- Subdued 3rd Squadron, 5th Cavalry, Divison Recon Patch- $65. ON HOLD

25th Avn Co. 1a25th Avn Co. 1b

V.9- Hand Embroidered 25th Aviation Company Patch- $65.

165th Avn Co. 1a165th Avn Co. 1b

V.10- Hand Embroidered 165th Aviation Company Patch- $65.

222nd Avn Bn. 1a222nd Avn Bn. 1b

V.11- 222nd Aviation Battalion Patch- Removed from uniform. $75.

336th Avn Co. 1a336th Avn Co. 1b

V.12-  336th Aviation Company Patch- $55.

Subdued E-6 Rank

V.13- Unissued Subdued E-6 Rank Insignia (2)- $10. 
Subdued E-5 Rank

V.14- Unissued Subdued E-5 Rank Insignia- $10.

Subdued E-4 Rank

V.15- Unissued Subdued E-4 Rank Insignia- $10.

Subdued PFC Rank

V.16- Unissued Subdued E-3 Rank Insignia- $10.

119th Assault Helicopter Co. Gators 1a119th Assault Helicopter Co. Gators 1b

V.17- 119th Assault Helicopter Company “Gators”- $65.

147th ASLT SPT HEL Co 1a147th ASLT SPT HEL Co 1b

V.18- 147th ASLT SPT Helicopter Company- $50.

V.19- 1960s Special Forces Shoulder Patch- $25.

V.20- Metal LLDB Beret Badge- Early die stamped 1960s beret badge with needle pin 
attachment. This badge came from the collection of Clem Kelly. $200.

198th Infantry Brigade 1a198th Infantry Brigade 1b

V.21- 198th Infantry Brigade- Nice in-country made hand embroidered patch 
 that was removed from a uniform. $50.

 611th Transportaion Company 1a611th Transportaion Company 1b

V.22- 611th transportation Company- Removed from uniform. $50.

220th Aviation Company 1a220th Aviation Company 1b

V.23- In-Country Made 220th Aviation Company “Cat Killers” Patch- $60.

271 InnKeeper Patch 1a271 InnKeeper Patch 1b

V.24- In-Country Made 271st Aviation Company “Innkeepers” Patch- $55.

345th Aviation Detachment 1a345th Aviation Detachment 1b

V.25- 345th Aviation Detachment Patch- $40.

SVN Made Aircrew Wing

V.26- Aircrew Wing- In-country made patch in good condition. $15.

Subdued Rigger Wing

V.27- Subdued In-Country Made Rigger Wing- $20.

Air Crew Wings

V.28- In-Country Made Air Crew Badge- $15.

Bandido Patch 1aBandido Patch 1b

V.29- In-Country Made 1st Battalion “Bandido” Patch- $50. SOLD
MACV Defense Force 1aMACV Defense Force 1b

V.30- In-Country Made MACV Defense Force Patch- $45. SOLD
75th Ranger Para Oval 1a75th Ranger Para Oval 1b

V.31- 75th Ranger Airborne Oval- Unissued condition. $15.

173rd Airborne Brigade Patch

V.32- 173rd Airborne Brigade Patch- Non-merrowed edge patch 

that has been removed from uniform. $20.

18th Engineer Brigade 1a18th Engineer Brigade 1b

V.33- 18th Engineer Brigade Patch- $15.

Thai Special Forces Patch 1aThai Special Forces Patch 1b

V.34- Thai Made Special Forces Subdued Patch- $25.

Thunderhorse 1aThunderhorse 1b

V.35- In-Country Made “Thunder Horse” Cavalry Patch- $50.

Warlords Patch 1aWarlords Patch 1b

V.36- In-Country Made 117th Aviation Company “Warlords” Patch- $50.

1st Signal Brigade

V.37- Hand Embroidered 1st Signal Brigade Patch- $15.

1st Logistical Command

V.38- Hand Embroidered 1st Logistical Command Patch- $10.

9th Special Operations Squadron 1a9th Special Operations Squadron 1b

V.39- 9th Special Operations Squadron “Beer Can” Insignia- $35.

V.40- US Field Grade Officer’s Visor Hat- Hat by “Top Rank” is in good condition with man’s identification card. 

16th Infantry Regiment 1a16th Infantry Regiment 1b

V.41- In-Country Made 16th Infantry Regiment Patch- $40.

28th Have Done 1a28th Have Done 1b

V.42- 28th “Have Done” “Beer Can” Insignia- $40.

52nd Aviation Battalion 1a52nd Aviation Battalion 1b

V.43- In-Country Made 52nd Combat Aviation Battalion “Flying Dragons” Patch- $50.

71st SOS AC-119 "Shadow" 1a71st SOS AC-119 "Shadow" 1b

V.44- 71st SOS AC-119 “Shadow” “Beer Can” Insignia- $40.SOLD
82nd Airborne 1a82nd Airborne 1b

V.45- 82nd Airborne Division “Beer Can” Insignia- $20.SOLD
101st Beer Can 1a101st Beer Can 1b

V.46- 101st Airborne Division “Beer Can” Insignia- $20.SOLD
Americal Beer Can 1aAmerical Beer Can 1b

V.47- 23rd Infantry Division “Americal”- $20.SOLD
Father Hoa Sea Swallows 1aFather Hoa Sea Swallows 1b

V.48- Father Hoa “Sea Swallows” Insignia- Small rare badge in excellent condition. $100.SOLD
SVN Ranger Qualification Badge 1aSVN Ranger Qualification Badge 1b

V.49- In-Country Made SVN Ranger Qualification Badge- $20. SOLD
Subdued SVN Ranger Qual 1aSubdued SVN Ranger Qual 1b

V.50- In-Country Made Subdued SVN Ranger Qualification Badge- $20. SOLD

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