B-55 Patch 1aB-55 Patch 1b

V.1- Special Forces B-55 Patch- B-55 was tasked with command and control of the 5th Mobile Strike Force. $200.

V.2- USMC Reconnaissance Wing- Hand embroidered wing in excellent condition. $75.1:501st RPFB Recon 1a1:501st RPFB Recon 1b

V.3- 1/501st 101st Airborne Division Recon Patch- Hand embroidered. $60.

1st Cavalry Patch 1a1st Cavalry Patch 1b

V.4- Hand Made 1st Cavalry Patch- Velvet horse head and band machine sewn to unusual yellow material. $50.

Rt Vermont 1aRt Vermont 1b

V.5- RT Vermont- $300.

5th Mike Force Silk 1a5th Mike Force Silk 1b

V.6- Mike Force Silk- $125. ON HOLD

White RECONDO Patch 1aWhite RECONDO Patch 1b

V.7- REDONDO School Qualification Patch- Patch is in unissued condition. $65.

173rd Ring 1a173rd Ring 1b

V.8- 173rd Airborne Brigade Ring- Vietnam period ring. Size 71/2 to 8. $45.

A304 Mobile Guerrilla Scroll 1aA304 Mobile Guerrilla Scroll 1b

V.9-A-304 Mobile Guerilla 966 Scroll- $75. SOLD
Rt Alabama 1aRt Alabama 1b

V.10- RT Alabama- $250.

Thai CCS 1aThai CCS 1b

V.11- Thai Made CCS “Bomb Burst” Patch- Rare patch in good condition. $375. ON HOLD

Subdued SF Shoulder Patch 1aSubdued SF Shoulder Patch 1b

V.12- Subdued Special Forces Shoulder Patch- In-Country made patch in good condition. $50. ON HOLDRt California 1aRt California 1b

V.13- RT California- $250.

205th Aviation Company Hanger 1a205th Aviation Company Hanger 1b

V.14- 205th Aviation Company “Geronimos” Pocket Hanger- $85.

Rt Illinois 1aRt Illinois 1b

V.15- RT Illinois- Luong Phan made patch in good condition. $250.

501st 101st Recon Patch 1a501st 101st Recon Patch 1b

V.16- 101st Airborne Division 501st Recon- $65.

Rt Moccazin 1aRt Moccazin 1b

V.17- RT Moccasin- Nice hand embroidered patch with chain stitched writing. $250.

Rt Arizona Tab 1aRt Arizona Tab 1b

V.18- RT Arizona Tab- $100. ON HOLD
Rt Adder 1aRt Adder 1b

V.19- RT Adder- Beautiful hand embroidered patch. $300.

Rt Mississippi 1aRt Mississippi 1b

V.20- RT Mississippi- Luong Phan patch in good condition. $300.

Rt Washington 1aRt Washington 1b

V.21- RT Washington- $250.

Rt Delaware 1aRt Delaware 1b

V.22- RT Delaware- $200.

CIDG Patch 1aCIDG Patch 1b

V.23- CIDG Recon Patch- $150.

Airmobile Arc

V.24- Airmobile Arc- In-country made arc in good condition. $20.

Command & Control Patch 1aCommand & Control Patch 1b

V.25- 5th Group Command and Control Patch- $250.

A-303 Mobile Guerrilla Patch 1aA-303 Mobile Guerrilla Patch 1b

V.26- A-303 Mobile Guerrilla 957 Patch- $200.

B-36 Special Task Force 1aB-36 Special Task Force 1b

V.27- B-36 Special Task Force Scroll- $75. SOLDSVN Made Aircrew Wing

V.28- Aircrew Wing- In-country made patch in good condition. $20.

B-36 Special Task Force 2aB-36 Special Task Force 2b

V.29- B-36 Special Task Force Scroll- $75. SOLD

Printed Camp Strike Force Patch 1aPrinted Camp Strike Force Patch 1b

V.30- Printed Camp Strike Force Patch- $25.

Small 1st Cavalry Airborne Patch 1aSmall 1st Cavalry Airborne Patch 1b

V.31- Miniature 1st Cavalry Patch w/Airborne Tab- $35.

Thai RT Mamba 1aThai RT Mamba 1b

V.32- Thai Made RT Mamba Patch- $250.

43rd FANK Training Battalion 1a43rd FANK Training Battalion 1b

V.33- FANK 43rd Individual Training Battalion- $90.

4th Transportation Command 1a4th Transportation Command 1b

V.34- 4th Transportation Command- $35.

18th Engineer Brigade 1a18th Engineer Brigade 1b

V.35- 18th Engineer Brigade- $25. SOLD
173rd Airborne Brigade Patch

V.36- 173rd Airborne Brigade Patch- Non-merrowed edge patch that has been removed
from uniform. $35.

173rd Para Oval 1a173rd Para Oval 1b

V.37- 173rd Airborne Brigade In-Country Made Para Oval- $35. SOLD
4th Trans. Command Hanger 1a4th Trans. Command Hanger 1b

V.38- 4th Transportation Command Pocket Hanger- $45. SOLD
4th Transportation Command 2a4th Transportation Command 2b

V.39- 4th Transportation Command Subdued Patch- 25. SOLD
Color SF Shoulder Patch

V.40- Special Forces Shoulder Patch- Early non-merrowed edge patch that was
removed from uniform. $35. 

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