Luft Herring Bone Twill Breast Eagle 1aLuft Herring Bone Twill Breast Eagle 1b

G.1- Luftwaffe Breast Eagle in Green Herringbone Twill- $125.

Bahnschutz Bullion Eagle 1aBahnschutz Bullion Eagle 1b

G.2- Bullion Bahnschutz Eagle- Excellent condition. $300.

Heer Bullion Hat Eagle 1aHeer Bullion Hat Eagle 1b

G.3- Heer Bullion Hat Eagle- $65.

Cloth Luft Radio Operator Badge 1aCloth Luft Radio Operator Badge 1b

G.4- Luftwaffe Cloth Radio Operator Badge- Badge is in unissued condition. $100.

Police Eagle 1aPolice Eagle 1b

G.5- Police Cap Eagle- $45.

Luft Cloth Observer 1aLuft Cloth Observer 1b

G.6- Luftwaffe Cloth Observer Qualification Badge- $90.

German Tropical Breast Eagle 1aGerman Tropical Breast Eagle 1b

G.7- Heer Tropical Breast Eagle- Unissued eagle. $150. ON HOLD

Kriegsmarine Cap Badge 1aKriegsmarine Cap Badge 1b

G.8- Kriegsmarine Overseas Cap Eagle- Removed from cap. $40.

Early NSDAP Stickpin 1aEarly NSDAP Stickpin 1b

G.9- Early Celluloid N.S.D.A.P. Stick Pin- $100.

Luft BEVO Breast Eagle 1aLuft BEVO Breast Eagle 1b

G.10- Luftwaffe BEVO Breast Eagle- $90.

Cloth Panzer Breast Eagle 1aCloth Panzer Breast Eagle 1b

G.11- Cloth Panzer Breast Eagle- $75.

Luft M-43 Cap Eagle 1aLuft M-43 Cap Eagle 1b

G.12- Luftwaffe M-43 Cap Eagle- Eagle is in unissued condition. $50.

Black Luft Cap Eagle 1aBlack Luft Cap Eagle 1b

G.13- Luftwaffe Black Cloth Background Cap Eagle- $40.


Heer Flatwire Breast Eagle 1aHeer Flatwire Breast Eagle 1b

G.15- Heer Flat Wire Breast Eagle- $65.

Kriegsmarine BEVO Breast Eagle 1aKriegsmarine BEVO Breast Eagle 1b

G.16- Kriegsmarine BEVO Breast Eagle- $40.

Bullion Navy Breast Eagle 1aBullion Navy Breast Eagle 1b

G.17- Kriegsmarine Bullion Breast Eagle- $90.

G.18- Frauenschaft Enamel Pin- Larger size pin in good condition. $35.

Bullion Heer Hat Eagle 1aBullion Heer Hat Eagle 1b

G.19- Heer Bullion Small Cap Eagle- $30. ON HOLD

G.20- 1942 Italian-Hungarian- German Shooting Award- Unusual late-war medal for a shooting competition. $20.

G.21- Unissued Heer Overseas Cap Insignia- $30.

Flat Wire TENO Cap Eagle 1aFlat Wire TENO Cap Eagle 1b

G.22- Bevo TENO Overseas Cap Eagle- $50. 

Heer Bullion Breast Eagle 1aHeer Bullion Breast Eagle 1b

G.23- Bullion Heer Breast Eagle- Uniform removed eagle. $20.

Kriegsmarine White Cap Eagle 1aKriegsmarine White Cap Eagle 1b

G.24- Kriegsmarine White Overseas Cap Eagle- $25. ON HOLDNSKK Cap Eagle 1aNSKK Cap Eagle 1b

G.25- N.S.K.K. Small Cap Eagle- $50.

RAD Cap Insignia 1aRAD Cap Insignia 1b

G.26- RAD Cap Eagle- $25.

Reichsbahn Kiev Shoulder Eagle 1aReichsbahn Kiev Shoulder Eagle 1b

G.27-Reichsbahn Sleeve Eagle- $50.

G.28- Luftwaffe Unqualified Air Gunner Badge- Rare badge in good condition except that its’ attachment pin has been 

broken off! Otherwise this is a nice example of the Deumer manufacturer of this badge. $250. ON HOLDArztetagung Dresden 28.V.1933 1aArztetagung Dresden 28.V.1933 1b

G.29- Tinnie- $25.

Kreistag 23.Mai.1937 1aKreistag 23.Mai.1937 1b

G.30- $25.

Luft Blue Twill Cap Eagle 1aLuft Blue Twill Cap Eagle 1b

G.31- Luftwaffe Blue Twill Overseas Cap Eagle- $45.

Panzer Cap Eagle 1aPanzer Cap Eagle 1b

G.32- Panzer Overseas Cap Eagle- $45. ON HOLD

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