SOG Book 2

SOG: Team History and Insignia of a Clandestine Army

Volume One covers the 
men and their insignia of seven 
recon teams in SOG. All information contained in this book was obtained from actual veterans of SOG and their respective team mates. Over 900 
images from veterans (most have never been published before!) on 300 pages, this hardcover first volume is the most complete work on the subject to date. Book is brand new and printed on archival paper with sewn binding for years of use. Great reference for the uniforms, patches and history of SOG! $49.00 postage: $6.00 Media Mail, $10.00 Priority Mail 
This book is out of print and will not be re-printed! Limited number of copies are left for sale.

HOTS Book 2

History on Their Shoulders

This 369 page book is the first book to cover Vietnam era US Army patches from the early MAAG-Vietnam period to the end of the war. All images portray the patches of the Vietnam War in full color with “down to the threads” detail. Color, subdued, hand embroidered and machine made insignia are shown. Extra attention has been placed on SOG “Team” and “Luong Phan” reconnaissance team patches of the Special Forces. US SVN allies are also illustrated. Book is full color with sewn binding and glossy archival paper for years of use. $35.00 postage $6.00 Media Mail, $10.00 Priority Mail

History On Their Shoulders” was chosen by Military Trader as one of the top 10 books of 2012 to own!

“I really like this book because it covers the cloth insignia of both the US Army and South Vietnamese, breaking it down by branch of service. Most important, though, Michael Tucker has made the effort to photograph the backs of the patches-probably more important to the collector than seeing the obverse! There are a lot of rare patches included in this volume that Vietnam collectors won’t see anywhere else.” Military Trader December 2012 issue.

CIB Cover 2

Combat Infantryman Badge 1943-1975

After years of research of War Department, Department of Defense, U.S. Army, Institute of Heraldry, and National Archive files, I have put together the most complete and comprehensive book concerning the Combat Infantryman Badge. All information is footnoted to the source. 
Unique information and photographs were also gathered from CEOs and workers of the manufacturers that produced the Combat Infantryman Badge from 1943 to 1975.
The many myths that have arisen over the years about the CIB are corrected or dispelled using actual government documents as the reference, with many of the documents shown. Manufacturers and their products are discussed in detail, with variations shown. Bullion, cloth, and miniatures are featured as to their origin and wear. Interesting early Institute of Heraldry designs are also featured. 
“Combat Infantryman Badge 1943-1975” is the most thorough book on the subject. It is a soft cover, ten and one half inches by seven inches book that consists of 133 color pages and printed on archival paper. 

"Combat Infantryman Badge” was chosen by Military Trader as one of the top 10 books of 2013 to own!

“Combat Infantryman Badge 1943-1975 is, without question, the most thorough book on the subject. Not only CIB collectors, but all collectors of U.S. WWII-Vietnam era awards and insignia, will benefit from studying this seminal work.” Military Trader, July 2013

$20.00 Media Mail postage in the United States $4.00


N.S.D.A.P. Enamel

This soft-cover book (82 pages) is the only complete, affordable guide for the Nazi Party pin available on the market today! Covering the pins of the early Party through the RZM years, NSDAP Enamel shows and explains these pins in great photographic detail! Manufacturers marks and materials, locations, and variations are discussed and explained. Book is brand new and printed on glossy archival paper. Please check my Ebay feedback for customer’s response to the book! $15.00  Media Mail postage in the U.S.A. is $4.00

I am down to the last few dozen copies. If you are thinking of buying this book, I would do it now! This book is out of print and will not be re-printed! Limited number of copies left for sale.

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