American WWI, WWII & Korea

Two Piece CIB 1aTwo Piece CIB 1b

A.1- Two Piece “Gemsco” Combat Infantryman Badge- $110.

Lauer CIB 1aLauer CIB 1b

A.2- “Lauer, Nürnberg” German Made Combat Infantryman Badge- One of the rarer makers
of the CIB. Far rarer than the British made CIB’s. $125.

US Army Transportation Service Hat 1aUS Army Transportation Service Hat 1bUS Army Transportation Service Hat 1cUS Army Transportation Service Hat 1dUS Army Transportation Service Hat 1e

A.3- US Army Transportation Service Officer’s Visor Hat- Hat is in used but good condition. $175.

A.4- Early Pistol Expert Badge- This early badge with .38 calibre pistols was the forerunner the the badge using
.45 calibre pistols. Good condition with some wear to the finish. $45.

Ike Jacket 1aIke Jacket 1bIke Jacket 1cIke Jacket 1dIke Jacket 1eIke Jacket 1fIke Jacket 1gIke Jacket 1h

A.5- Africa-Italy “Ike” Jacket- Jacket is in nice condition with rare bullion patch and tab. Soldier’s serial number is inked in jacket. $225. ON HOLD





WWII French Drago DI 1a

WWII French Drago DI 1b

A.10- WWII French Army DI- Drago made insignia for transport unit. $25.

Allied Airborne Patch 1aAllied Airborne Patch 1b

A.12- Allied Airborne Command One Piece Patch- $25.


Marksman Pin 1aMarksman Pin 1b

A.15- Silver Marksman Pin- $10.

WWII US Army Whistle

A.16- Military Plastic Whistle w/Chain- $10.


A.17- Bell FM-1 Airacuda Pin- Nice pin for a rare airplane! $20.

PT Boat Patch 1aPT Boat Patch 1b

A.18- PT Boat Patch for Blue Uniform- $20.

Chocolate Officer Overseas Cap 1aChocolate Officer Overseas Cap 1b

A.19- Officer Overseas Cap #1- $15.

Wool Officer Overseas Cap 1aWool Officer Overseas Cap 1b

A.20- Officer Overseas Cap #2- $15.

Wool EM Overseas Cap 1aWool EM Overseas Cap 1b

A.21- Enlisted Man's Overseas Cap #1- $12.

Purple Heart Case 1aPurple Heart Case 1b

A.22- Purple Heart Case- $20.

Metal EIB 1aMetal EIB 1b

A.23- Expert Infantryman Badge made from Silver- Early WWII Badge in good condition. $20.

A.24- Tiffany Small Arms Marksman Medal- Beautiful bronze medal made by the premier American jewelry. 
Late 1800s to early 20th century manufacture. $30. 

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